Locanda Orvieto, is only a 2-minute drive from Orvieto.

Tufa and water, food and wine, linked by history in an indissoluble intertwining.

Urbs Vetus (the original name of Orvieto) a city that is inseparable from its tuff cliff created by the volcanic activity of nearby Lazio.

An impregnable natural stronghold in the valley of the Paglia river which, a short distance away, flows into the Tiber.

The rock, a giant made of stone, stands among the hills, a landscape shaped by man in which mainly vines and olive trees are grown.

Always a communication hub with all the other Etruscan cities, the network of roads that connect it to the territory skirt the area of ​​one of the most important Etruscan sanctuaries: the Fanum Voltumnae.

In the Middle Ages Orvieto became a powerful municipality that dominated a vast and rich territory.

Orvieto was occupied by new buildings: public and private palaces, towers, churches and convents and in 1290 the first stone of the Cathedral of Orvieto (Duomo) was laid which still today preserves the linen of the miracle of Bolsena.

The city in its bowels, preserves an architectural jewel produced by the genius of sixteenth-century engineering: the S.Patrick well.